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The absurdity of life - THE COMMENTARY

By Joseph Planta

VANCOUVER -- The ugly head of abortion has reared its head into the public domain again.

Yesterday, Vancouver was struck yet again by the fanatical faction of anti-abortion proponents in society. Dr. Garson Romalis, an Ďabortion services providerí was stabbed outside his office. Dr. Romalis was brought to our attention back in 1994 when he was shot by a sniper, while having his breakfast. That situation pitted those opposed to abortion against those who were for abortion in a battle that, across the continent, was at times - deadly.

I am a Catholic, as well as a member of the Canadian Alliance. With that, one would, right away, assume that I am a pro-lifer. An anti-abortionist. Well, truth be told, I am in favour of abortion.

I believe that a woman should have the choice to terminate a pregnancy. In the past, I carefully stated my position that I was in favour of abortion, not only for those mothers at risk of harming themselves healthwise, but for any woman deciding that she couldnít raise a child. From the November 4, 1999 edition of The Commentary: ďFrom teen moms, to the discretionary missteps of adults, abortion should be an available choice in society.Ē

I keep that position, even though Iím part of a party that will probably proliferate to the contrary.

Abortion, I know, is a touchy subject. My religion forbids me from approving such a social policy, but I cannot in good conscience disallow, what should be a womanís right. Canadian society is not built, for that matter American society, to keep all unwanted children properly clothed and fed. Hillary Clinton, wrote a book a number of years ago that called for the protection of all children. Need they be living in poverty or whatever. She told us that, Ēit takes a village to raise a child,Ē but truth be told, the village canít raise all children.

Sure, you are killing a life, but where do you draw the line between saving a life and making sure that that life is given a decent chance at living life, itself? Frankly, I am a little embarrassed at being a Catholic, especially when the church has become staunch critics of abortion. I am not in any way, shape or form implying that the Catholic church is responsible for this act of violence, I am just saying that the church should, if it hasnít already, reject the violence provoked on Dr. Romalis and all abortion providers.

The so-called pro-life movement, those of the anti-abortion persuasion are backed by the Christian church and supported ardently by the hard-right. Itís at a time of fear and anger, like now, that I feel sincere unease being a part of the Canadian Alliance and the Catholic church.

Life is precious, but whatís going on right now is utterly reprehensible. The pro-lifers should really know they are doing no better and that their actions have incalculable consequences upon society. Consequences that are a hell of a lot more dangerous than the act of aborting a baby.

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