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The Commentary began as a column written and distributed by Joseph Planta, via e-mail in June 1999. He wrote over six hundred columns delving into such current affairs subjects as politics, show business, and anything and everything in-between.

In September 2003, The Commentary was re-launched as a web-based publication, also featuring guest contributions.


For further information: Joseph Planta, Publisher and Editor: editor@thecommentary.ca

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On the Line . . . - Editor and Senior Columnist Joseph Planta discusses a vast array of subjects with an equally varied array of guests. Interviews are conducted over the phone, taped and streamed online.



The Commentary - The long-time column by The Commentary's founding editor Joseph Planta, covers the vast array of subjects that hit his radar screen, including current events, politics, the arts and culture.




  • Joseph Planta, Founding Editor, Senior Columnist

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