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Christian shit and driving drunk - THE COMMENTARY

By Joseph Planta

VANCOUVER -- Last Thursday, I was part of three interesting conversations/discussions. First was with Kimberly Griffith in the morning. Making small talk, I decided to ask Kim if she planned to vote. She said yes, which was nice, and she said she was determined to vote, yet didn’t know the slightest thing about those running and what they stood for. At best, she is undecided, yet what do you expect from the youth of today. It’s fair for the average of citizens to know nothing. I certainly appreciate her eagerness to vote. The first step, and she’s taking it. Good on her.

By happenstance that day’s National Post had a photograph of the five leaders side by side following the French language debate, the night previous. She claimed ignorance and that the only things she knows were about Stockwell Day’s “Christian shit.” Fair ball. The media has taken his personal convictions out of proportion. Much the same way they criticised Joe Lieberman for his “Jewness.” Surprisingly, Americans were more tolerant.

I explained to her the political spectrum and what “right” and “left” meant and how Mr. Day was on the right and Alexa McDonough was on the left. I told her, rather objectively, that Mr. Day is a conservative, as Joe Clark, but Mr. Day’s conservatism is rooted in the western and Prairie provinces of Canada. Mr. Clark, is a former Prime Minister, and part of a party that will go nowhere. She dutifully figured out that Giles Duceppe and his Bloc Quebecois were only prevalent in la belle province and that they aren’t running to form the government, but rather providing a voice for Quebeckers.

She asked about Chrétien, and why he isn’t popular here, yet why is he Prime Minister. I explained the stupidity of Ontario and Quebec having 176 of the Commons’ seats and BC only 34. I said Chrétien was close to the centre and because of that, is in power. I told her of the bastardisation of Parliament created by the Prime Minister and how Mr. Chrétien doesn’t really give a damn about BC, which is why BC is not all too loving of the Liberal bunch.

She wondered what the difference was between Day and Joe Clark, as they were both conservative. Joe Clark is the leader of the Progressive Conservative party, the party that was in office before Mr. Chrétien. They had that majority and then they were wiped out. I said Day was more conservative in terms of the social values he keeps. I told her that Day was against abortion and that if he were to make it in office, he’d probably decide to call a referendum. She says: “That’s stupid. He shouldn’t have a say in a thing like that!” How true.

As a first time voter, from what I heard from her on what she values, Miss Griffith is probably of the centre-to-left ilk on the political spectrum. She values social programs and stuff like that, yet thought Alexa McDonough was out of place in the throng of middle aged white guys. Take a page from Kim and think about voting. Not only showing up on the 27th, but learning about the values of the candidates. Also, your own.

Also, on Thursday, I got an e-mail from one May Chan asking me: “Why the hell will you vote for Stockwell Day?” She then listed some information she picked up on the Chinese channel about Mr. Day being anti-gay and anti-immigration. I respond thusly:

May, voting is important. My example of Kim Griffith’s efforts is proof enough. The way things are, we have MP’s who are nothing but “lickspittles” in Ottawa, acting as ciphers of the leader. Thus, the damned opinion that BCers should elect more Liberals, so to be representative in Cabinet and government, is nothing but unadulterated bullshit. May, you live in the riding of Vancouver-Kingsway. You’ll probably end up voting for Sophia Leung. All I can say is a vote for her is a vote for the status quo and Liberal arrogance: her’s and her leader’s, Jean Chrétien.

Jean Chrétien has not been a good Prime Minister and as Rafe Mair says, he’s more corrupt than Brian Mulroney at the Tories’ very worst. Eugene Lee is another person who’s told me in the past his vote will probably go to Ms. Leung. And that’s because his parents are forcing him and that she’s done good things for the Chinese community.

Firstly, his parents forcing is utterly absurd and I’ll let that one damn itself. Because of her being a personality in the Chinese community - something you claim yourself May - is no basis for voting for her. She has not represented us well in Ottawa. She voted for Nisga’a when many a British Columbian was against it. I’m sure if you read it May, you’d disagree with it too. I know I did, which was part of the reason why I left the NDP. Ms. Leung remained steadfast a loyal Liberal so as not to damage her credibility in front of her leader. Her own arrogance is apparent, as she pledge support to Paul Martin should he seek the Liberal leadership.

I will vote for Stockwell Day, because I feel he’s the only one proposing the reform that is so badly needed in Ottawa and the governance of our country. I support the Canadian Alliance, because barring the biased pretence of the media, the Alliance is not a party of intolerance and hate. I will vote for Stockwell Day, because he is willing to talk about controversial issues like gay rights and abortion, because (to borrow from a fellow Alliancer,) he actually has the gonads to do so.

Now my last point against you May, on the subject of Stockwell Day being “anti-gay,” is false. He is not anti-gay, but simply against gays getting special rights. He doesn’t believe that gay marriage should be allowed and for reason. May, the Liberal Party under Jean Chrétien was the party that created and approved legislation barring same-sex marriage in Canada! The Liberals, not Stockwell Day and the Alliance! Get it threw our head, May, Stockwell Day is against special rights, not equal rights.

Now, to another conversation of last Thursday which took place in the evening. Following a discussion on Marxism, I met up with Andy Mui and others. Discussion was focusing on the elections down south. I was being taken to task by Mr. Mui for favouring George W. Bush. He claims that Mr. Bush condones drinking and driving.

Untrue, Andy. I told you then and I tell you again that his DUI was something that took place almost 30 years ago and because it happened doesn’t make him a condoner of such actions. I defy you, sir, to face Mr. Bush and ask him if he condones it. The answer will for sure contain platitudes saying he’s a born again Christian and that he learned from his mistakes. I agree. Shall I hold you to the missteps you make now in youth, Andy, no matter the occupation you may seek in the future? I think not.

To be fair to Andy, he did want Al Gore to win. And in this space last week I said he would. Again, I was wrong. But to use the unbalanced compass you judge George Bush, Andy, let’s look at Al Gore, your choice. You claim that even though Bush’s mistake happened in the past, it should bar him from the Presidency. You say Al Gore should be President because he doesn’t condone such actions. Just wait a second there. Didn’t Al Gore condone Bill Clinton’s sexual relation with Monica Lewinsky?

Now, one may say those actions weren’t particularly illegal, but Clinton did lie about the relationship in his deposition to Ken Starr. Al Gore, stood blindly supportive beside the President. If he were this responsible person you make him out to be, Andy, he’d have got to the bottom of the matter and asked The President point-blank if he did or didn’t have an improper relationship with the White House intern. Now, if Clinton lied, as he did, Gore would have properly investigated the matter himself or rather not be so accepting of the President’s actions.

Your argument to this Andy, was that he was his friend and friends don’t sell friends out. Noble argument and I tend to agree, but when it comes to the governance of the most-powerful nation on the face of the Earth, one’s friendship should have no bearing whatsoever. What should happen is that the rule of law be upheld, something Al Gore did not do throughout that particular episode in American history. Al Gore let Bill Clinton go on being the President of a nation, where its own constitution says, purjury is a crime. Al Gore, ain’t so clean.

My compliments to Kim, May and Andy. Interesting discussions to say the least.

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